National and international transportation

With the help of our modern fleet, we can cater to all kinds of contracts while being flexible and providing excellent quality.

National and international transportation with several vehicle types for the appropriate handling of diverse cargo:

  • gekühlt
  • beheizt
  • Bündelungen von Teilladungen

Bundling of smaller loads

Food logistics:

  • We supply fresh groceries in all of Germany on a daily level. We ensure a reliable distribution to distribution centers and retail trade. Our drivers not only follow the prevailing hygiene regulations but also ensure their application throughout their trips.
  • Transportation of groceries in the required cooling containers as well as empties management.

Plant logistics:

  • At the core of our business is the transportation of living plants. We provide transportation ranging from single shipments to whole truck trains. Our drivers are experts in handling such goods and supply the plants in specially equipped vehicles that are adjustable to the required temperature. In addition to the shipment to the retail store, our drivers handle the exchange of CC-containers.
  • Transportation of plants including CC-container empties management.


Driving from “point A to point B” for you

Our modern and powerful fleet allows us to provide transportation contracts flexibly while maintaining the highest quality. All our trucks are equipped with the latest communications and telematics equipment. This enables us to locate our trucks at any given time and plan our tours in the most efficient way.

Our fleet encompasses 40 vehicles (8 articulated trains and 32 semi-trucks) with a permitted weight of up to 40 tons:

  • Deep freezing trains (semitrailers and swap-bodies)
  • Tarpaulin covered trucks (semitrailers and swap-bodies)
  • Multiple vehicles with box bodies and integrated cooling or heating machines – especially suited for fresh plants
  • Box-body trains and vehicles with side trap doors or sliding curtains, specifically designed for the transportation of beverages

Loading capacities:

  • 33-38 European pallets
  • 38-48 CC-wagons
  • Up to 25 tons
  • 20’ or 40’ containers


  • Equipped with mobile phones and telematics systems for precise location determination
  • Multiple vehicles with lifting platforms
  • All vehicles are suitable for the transport of hazardous goods
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